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Listed below are different pricing for our custom handmade decorated cookies.  

Cookies pricing can fall under Simple, Detailed and Elaborate

Please fill out the order form below to get a quote or place an order.  

Pricing & Order Form

Cookies Pricing

Simple Cookies


  1. Minimum  order a dozen
  2. Same design and  colors
  3. Size and shape of cookies

Detailed Cookies


  1. Minimum order 2 dozen 
  2. Can varies with design and color
  3. Size and shape of cookies

Elaborate Cookies


  1. Minimum order can varies
  2. Custom hand made cuts
  3. Very detailed cookies
  4. Hand painted cookies using edible paint
  5. Size and shape of cookies


How the cookies can be packaged

Single Cookie for Party Favors

Included in price

- Single cookie wrapped in a non toxic plastic and tied with a ribbon of your choice and meant to be hand out to your guest during your special occasion.

Party Cookies

Included in price

Meant to be served in a server or platter and to be a part of your dessert table.

Gift Box Cookies

Included in price

Comes in small, medium or large windowed box and ribbon of your choice. To present as a gift. 

How To Request Quote

Thank you for wanting us to create something beautiful, one of a kind  and memorable for your special occasion.  We can create gift favors, cookie platters or cookie gift boxes custom made just for you.  

  1. You can call 817-918-2344 or 
  2. To request a quote online please fill out the form below.  


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